1.Is there any difference in the products available on karpagamjewellers.com and at the retail stores?
All products being sold on karpagamjewellers.com are exactly the same as that being sold in the brand's retail stores.
2.Can you arrange for the delivery of a product which is available in the retail store but not available online?
Currently, we can deliver only products which are available on the website.
3.How can I find a particular product that I am looking for?
You can directly search for the product on the website by using the search field provided at the top of every page. However, please note that certain products may not be available for online purchase or may be available in our retail stores.
4.How much time it will take to deliver after the payment has been made?
We shall deliver your gift within 7 working days of securing your payment or on the approximate delivery date mentioned by us in the order form, whichever is later.
5.What is the mode of delivery?
Delivery of gifts is made through hand delivery or renowned courier services.
6.How do I know that my gift has been shipped?
You may track your order status online by logging into 'My Accounts' section
7.What is Wish list?
The product that you wish to add to the cart, can be the one marked as sold out. Or you may like to have a personalized wish, for a product / category not present on the portal. You will be informed by mail when the product is available on the portal.