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Welcome to the world of Karpagam. Our journey as one of the best jewellery shops in Coimbatore started in 1971 when Shri Ramdass Chettiar founded the first retail shop at Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram. With Shri Bala Murugan Ramdass as his right-hand man, the store grew from strength to strength. But our foray into retail began much earlier, in 1925, when Shri Chandra Kamaleshwara Chettiar started his first shop on Big Bazaar Street.

Karpagam Jewellers is named after Karpagambal, the deity who blesses people with whatever they want. Like the Goddess, we are committed to fulfilling our patrons’ wishes. For over a century, we have been associated with quality and authentic workmanship, helping us earn the confidence of our multigenerational clients.

You can either visit our jewellery shop in Coimbatore or shop online. Our collections are inspired by the invaluable Indian traditions that are rooted in compassion and respect for nature.

Coimbatore’s best jewellery shop also holds a patent for one-of-a-kind terracotta-based gold jewellery, aptly called Terra Aurum. In fact, we were the world’s first and only jewellers to introduce this unique collection in 2004. Our flagship store, launched in 2006, was an ode to the modern Indian woman who embraces modernity without compromising heritage and tradition. What makes Karpagam unique is our ability to connect with women across generations with traditional, contemporary, and fusion styles.

Whether you are looking for stunning necklaces, elegant earrings, one-of-a-kind engagement rings, or intricately carved antique bangles, there’s something for everyone at Karpagam. Our range of jewellery collections caters to every taste and occasion, including weddings, birthdays, and fashion jewellery for every day. As the best gold jewellery shop in Coimbatore, we are committed to meeting international best practices by sourcing responsibly mined gold and diamonds for our jewellery collections. You can buy with the assurance that every ornament at Karpagam meets the highest quality standards.


Our History


Circa 1925 - Shri Chandra Kamaleswara Chettiar ventures into retailing with a store on Big Bazaar Street, Gandhipuram.


Circa 1971- Shri Ramdass Chettiar starts Karpagam Jewellers. Celebrities, including film stars, grace the occasion.


Circa 2002 - Karpagam launches Terra Aurum, the world’s only patented terracotta-based gold jewellery.

The Way Forward

Circa 2006 - Karpagam launches its finest flagship store in Coimbatore.


Price List Specifications

  • $ 100 / Monthly
  • 11 Month Scheme
    • Plan Code – FG1
    • Monthly Installment – 1 Gram
    • Total Gold – 11 Grams
    • Plan Code – FG2
    • Monthly Installment – 2 Grams
    • Total Gold – 22 Grams
    • Plan Code – FG3
    • Monthly Installment – 4 Grams
    • Total Gold – 44 Grams
    • Plan Code – FG4
    • Monthly Installment – 8 Gram
    • Total Gold – 88 Grams

  • $ 100 / Monthly
  • 11 Month Scheme
    • Plan Code – FA 1
    • Monthly Installment – Rs. 1,000
    • Total Weight – 3.993 Grams
    • Plan Code – FA 2
    • Monthly Installment – Rs. 2,000
    • Total Weight – 7.997 Grams
    • Plan Code – FA 3
    • Monthly Installment – Rs. 5,000
    • Total Weight – 19.998‬ Grams
    • Plan Code – FA 4
    • Monthly Installment – Rs. 10,000
    • Total Weight – 39.996 Grams
    • Plan Code – FA 5
    • Monthly Installment – Rs. 25,000
    • Total Weight – 99.99 Grams

  • $ 100 / Monthly
  • 11 Month Scheme
    • Plan Code – FC 1
    • Monthly Installment – Rs. 1,000
    • Total Weight – Rs. 11,000
    • Plan Code – FC 2
    • Monthly Installment – Rs. 2,000
    • Total Weight – Rs. 22,000
    • Plan Code – FC 3
    • Monthly Installment – Rs. 5,000
    • Total Weight – Rs. 55,000‬
    • Plan Code – FC 4
    • Monthly Installment – Rs. 10,000
    • Total Weight – Rs. 1,10,000
    • Plan Code – FC 5
    • Monthly Installment – Rs. 25,000
    • Total Weight – Rs. 2,75,000


Various Team


I have been a regular customer of Karpagam for more than 15 years and they have never failed to surprise me with their designs. Their designs are very pure and unique and also customer service is excellent.

Thenmozhi Vijayakumar

They have Unique designs and we loved their collections. I purchased all my diamond collection and you the whole team is the best.

Anu Mithra

Very much satisfied with C M sasikumar's service You have the natural ability to understand and feel what your customers are experiencing, and you are able to meet their needs effectively. Well Done!

Karthika Kabilan

I recently purchased my necklace, their craftsmanship is really good. Thanks for making my big day look the best.

Shanthi Raju

Good customer service. Satisfied with way of approach. Designs are good. I'm happy customer of this showroom.

Vishvanathan G

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