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Why To Invest in Antique Jewellery Sets

Antique Jewellery Sets in Coimbatore

Antique jewellery not only looks fascinating but is timeless in its appeal as well. In fact, a bridal look feels incomplete without antique statement pieces that accentuate the overall appeal. The designs are traditionally inspired by elements around the jeweller’s life, including temples, nature, mythological characters, and geometric patterns. If you plan to buy gold, here are a few reasons to...

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Why To Buy Modern Gold Jewellery

Buy Modern Gold Jewellery

Since time immemorial people have been wearing jewellery using precious metals and gemstones. It continues to be a significant part of our modern lives and an integral element of a woman’s wardrobe, allowing her to express her style and personality. While traditional jewellery like temple designs, polki jewellery, and kundan has been part of our culture and heritage, women are now...

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Beautiful Indian Wedding Gold Jewellery Sets You Must Own

Beautiful Indian Wedding Gold Jewellery

We know that it’s not easy to choose bridal jewellery. For one, it must look trendy and suit different attires. It must also carry enough investment value, without too much wastage or making charges. If you are shopping for bridal jewellery, here are a few designs you can choose from our trendy bridal jewellery collection in Coimbatore. Wedding Gold Jewellery Sets Harams An haaram...

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What Are the Different Types of Gold Chains Indian Women Wear?

Different Types of Gold Chains

Gold hold immense significance in Indian culture. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, especially among women. No wonder, parents celebrate every milestone for their child by buying gold. Chains are a common everyday gold accessory that match traditional and modern attire and perfect for all occassions. Gold chains aren’t a modern concept for Indian girls – they have been...

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Five Ornaments in Your Bridal Collection

Bridal Collection

Glittering gold jewellery, bright Kanjeevaram sarees, clusters of jasmine flowers, and traditional marundhani designs are essential elements of a South Indian bride. But what makes her unique is the bride’s wedding jewelry collection, jewellryy one of her prized possessions. Some of these ornaments have been part of a bridal trousseau for centuries and even passed on as heirlooms. But you could...

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What Are the Different Elements of Traditional Temple Jewellery Designs

Traditional Temple Jewellery Designs

Traditional temple jewellery designs are all the rage, especially for bridal jewellery collections. These intricate designs look stunning against a backdrop of bright Kanjeevaram sarees, making them a mainstay in a bridal trousseau. While the designs are unique and intricate, these ornaments are characterized by certain motifs, each with its own significance. At Karpagam Jewellery Shop, Coimbatore, we keep this art...

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Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs to Add to Your Collection

Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs

Gold is an integral aspect of Indian culture and is often associated with prosperity and growth. Its importance transcends monetary value extending its significance in religious and cultural ceremonies. In fact, parents are believed to buy gold to celebrate every achievement in a child’s life – from birth and naming ceremony to wedding and even baby shower. Jewellery designing is an...

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