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Four Gold Chain Designs That Are Perfect for Everyday Use

Four Gold Chain Designs That Are Perfect for Everyday Use

Gold Chain Designs

Chains are an extension of your personality and an elegant accessory for everyday use. The best part of wearing chains is that they can be worn by men and women and look good with every outfit and age group. Of all the metals, gold is the most favoured, giving you a royal and elegant look. Here are some common designs in our gold chain collections in Coimbatore.

The Classic Kayaru (Rope) Chain

Rope chains are a common choice for thali chains (mangalsutra) in Tamil Nadu, especially in the southern districts. But did you know the design is thousands of years old, dating back to ancient Egypt and Rome? The design is basically simple – strands of gold wire are twisted together to create a rope-like chain. What makes rope chains special is that they’re stronger and heavier than normal chains. They’re also shinier as the weaving technique helps reflect light from all directions.

Rope necklaces are versatile and can be worn with any outfit. You can pair them with a pendant or wear them as it is, or style them as a bracelet.

Gold Chain Collections

The Box Chain

The box chain is characterized by links with a boxy shape. The interlocking square links make the chain sturdy and boast a geometric appearance that looks modern. The unique design makes the chain comfortable as it allows the chain to rest flat on the neck. Box chains have a slightly edgy and sleek design, making them perfect for people looking to make a bold statement with their jewellery. This style works for both men and women and comes in various sizes. Depending on the size, you can choose from small boxes to bold box chains.

The Bead Chain

As the name suggests, the bead chain design includes interlinking beads, or attaching individual spherical pendants to a chain. As for the latter, the beads can be close or far apart, depending on the design chosen. You can also customize the chain by opting for small or large beads. The beads can be customised by using beads of various colours like rose gold or white gold. The beads can be as intricate or simple as you want. A classic example of a bead chain is the North Indian mangalsutra where black beads are interconnected with gold. Bead chains are generally worn by women and are perfect for everyday use. They can be styled with traditional and contemporary dresses.

The Snake Chain

Snake chains were first introduced in the 19th century and popularized by the Victorians who styled them as bracelets and necklaces. The chains get their name from the fact that they resemble the scales of a snake. The pattern looks simple yet elegant and hence styled for modern dresses. However, the problem with these chains is that they don’t have an underlying support by way of a mesh or wire. This makes it difficult to repair unless soldered, making it almost impossible to retain its original appearance. Another problem with snake chains is that they may get caught in your hair.

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