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For centuries, gold has symbolised wealth and status, with every woman owning at least one piece of jewellery. Gold chains are probably the most commonly owned jewellery and an essential aspect of our religious and cultural rituals. At Karpagam Jewellers, Coimbatore, our gold chain designs include an eclectic mix of antique and contemporary pieces to suit various occasions. Whether you are looking for a casual everyday chain for office and regular use or in search of a one-of-a-kind statement haaram, we have it all.

Our antique collection of gold chains is inspired by Indian traditions, temples and their deities, and even centuries-old royal dynasties. They can be a part of your bridal collection or worn as a statement piece that stands out and captures everyone’s attention.

Karpagam Jewellers, Coimbatore’s gold chain collection, includes aesthetic designs for the modern woman who loves minimalist designs. But if you prefer something sparkling, pair them with our gemstone pendants that can make any plain outfit fashionable. You could also layer different chains to create an elegant look at a wedding or family function. Our ruby and sapphire haarams are accentuated by gold and are perfect for any occasion.

As for gold, you can choose between rose gold and yellow gold, depending on the occasion, your clothes, and your skin tone. For instance, if you have a neutral skin tone, we recommend yellow or white gold.

Gold is believed to be a heart-friendly metal. Wearing them close to the heart is believed to improve blood circulation and reduce heart-related ailments. Our gold collection will not only stay close to your heart but also remain an integral part of your heirloom for generations.

Shop confidently at one of the best gold shops in Coimbatore, as we promise the best quality gold sourced ethically and crafted by our master artisans.

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