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Beautiful Indian Wedding Gold Jewellery Sets You Must Own

Beautiful Indian Wedding Gold Jewellery Sets You Must Own

Beautiful Indian Wedding Gold Jewellery

We know that it’s not easy to choose bridal jewellery. For one, it must look trendy and suit different attires. It must also carry enough investment value, without too much wastage or making charges. If you are shopping for bridal jewellery, here are a few designs you can choose from our trendy bridal jewellery collection in Coimbatore.

Wedding Gold Jewellery Sets


An haaram is a traditional long gold necklace worn by Southeast Asian women. There are different types of necklaces, depending on the traditional jewellery style. For instance, the Laksmi haaram is named after Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and beauty. There are different types of Lakshmi haarams. For instance, the Lakshmi kaasu haram is made by stringing gold coins together to form a necklace. Depending on the style and design, these types of harams may or may not have a pendant.

The antique Lakshmi haram features intricate designs and usually has a delicately carved pendant. These haarams have various motifs such as peacocks, lotus flowers, etc. They are also encrusted with different precious stones like ruby, sapphire, diamonds, and pearls. The Ashtalakshmi haram is another antique Lakshmi haram that features the eight forms of Laksmi. Each of these forms symbolizes different aspects such as wealth, abundance, prosperity, etc.

The Guttapusalu haram is famous in Telugu households and gets its name from the design which resembles a bunch of grapes. The design features tiny pearls woven into the design and accentuated by semi-precious stones like rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.

Wedding Gold Jewellery

Maanga haram, also called mango haram, is another traditional haram with individual pendants shaped as mangoes. The pachi or peacock haram is a unique jewellery-making technique that became famous during the 16th century. You can often find these harams in vintage British portraits.


An addigai or attigai is a traditional South Indian necklace worn close to the neck. The design is inspired by traditional temple architecture and features a flat chain with a pendant in the middle. The pendant can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Some designs include a side pendant on either side of the chain. The pendant could feature semi-precious stones like rubies and emeralds. It usually forms the first layer of a wedding gold jewellery set.

Short Harams & Necklaces

Between the addigai and long harams are several short harams and necklaces of varying lengths. These could be stone studded necklaces or other harams like malli poo malai, maanga malai, etc.

No wedding gold jewellery set is complete with matching earrings, rings, and an ottiyanam or hip chain. You can also accentuate your look with complementary armlets and nethichutti or maang tikka. If you are looking for trendy jewellery designs in Coimbatore, visit Karpagam Jewellery shop in Coimbatore.

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