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What Are the Different Types of Gold Chains Indian Women Wear?

What Are the Different Types of Gold Chains Indian Women Wear?

Different Types of Gold Chains

Gold hold immense significance in Indian culture. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, especially among women. No wonder, parents celebrate every milestone for their child by buying gold. Chains are a common everyday gold accessory that match traditional and modern attire and perfect for all occassions. Gold chains aren’t a modern concept for Indian girls – they have been wearing them since ages as thali chains and as everyday accessory. Some designs are timeless and have been a favourite among women. Read on to learn more about the different types of gold chains that are traditionally popular for women.

Thennampoo Chain

Thennampoo or coconut flower chain is a traditional chain design in Kerala and southern districts of Tamil Nadu. As the name suggests, the individual gold beads are shaped like coconut blossoms and when tied together, they look like these blossoms tied together. This design was very famous during the 70s and 80s, and a popular choice among brides during these times. It’s popularity gradually faded over the years but is still treasured by people who love traditional chain designs. If you are looking for thennampoo chains, visit our jewellery shop in Coimbatore. We can recreate a modern version of this chain for women looking for trendy jewellery designs in Coimbatore.

Rope Chain

As the name suggests rope chains resemble a rope pattern thanks to its unique twisted pattern. Twisted metal wires are woven together to form a rope shaped chain that looks opulent yet elegant. This chain design was popular during the 90s when brides-to-be preferred them as their thali chain. The design is also popular among men who prefer wearing them short. It is believed that rope chains first emerged thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome. The pattern symbolized unity and strength, and was even adorned with precious gemstones. People prefer these chains as they are durable and can last long without needing repairs.

Gold Chains Designs

Gobi Chain

Gothumai chain or gobi chain is a popular model especially in South Tamil Nadu. The design gets its name from the unique shape of its individual beads – they are shaped like wheat grains and consist of four strands of twisted oval links that look like they are braided together. The teardrop shape is woven together and resembles a wheat stalk. The chain was popular in the 80s and 90s when girls wore them to hold their pendant or wore them as a thali chain.

Box Chain

If you like minimalist and luxurious chains, we suggest opting for box chains. They’re elegant and subtly highlight your neckline. As the name suggests, the box chain gets its name from cubed links that are flattened and formed into a series of box-like shapes. The individual cubes are linked together to form a sturdy design that looks smooth and polished. The chain is also called Venetian chain thanks to its origins which can be traced to Venice. The design perfectly suits modern pendants, giving a classy touch to any outfit.

Mugappu Chain

Mugappu refers to a side pendant on a gold chain. It is usually on the left or right side of the chain. These traditional chain designs are now trending for thali chains. The side pendant can be as simple or intricate as you want. You can even go for diamond encrusted side pendants. Some other common designs for mugappu include peacocks, flowers, or even ball shaped designs encrusted with precious stones. Visit us if you are looking for trendy mugappu designs. We have a huge collection of modern and trendy gold jewellery designs in Coimbatore.

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