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Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs to Add to Your Collection

Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs to Add to Your Collection

Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs

Gold is an integral aspect of Indian culture and is often associated with prosperity and growth. Its importance transcends monetary value extending its significance in religious and cultural ceremonies. In fact, parents are believed to buy gold to celebrate every achievement in a child’s life – from birth and naming ceremony to wedding and even baby shower. Jewellery designing is an age-old practice in India, with every culture creating its unique style and design. Irrespective of the latest gold jewellery designs, these designs are timeless and reflect master craftsmanship. Here are some traditional jewellery designs you will surely love

Temple Jewellery

As the name suggests, temple jewellery refers to ornaments adorned with idols or jewellery inspired by motifs found in temples. These jewels were patronized by Chola, Pandya, and Krishnadevaraya dynasties. Accomplished goldsmiths and artisans were commissioned to create unique ornaments for the royal family and deities in temples. The beauty of this jewellery is that each piece, including the intricate illustrations and carvings, is handcrafted.

Some of the common motifs used in this jewellery include gods and goddesses, including Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, and even Krishna. You’ll also find animals depicted in these ornaments. This includes Garuda, a divine version of the eagle and believed to be the mount of Lord Vishnu, swans, parrots, peacocks, and even Nandi, a divine version of the bull and believed to be the mount of Lord Shiva. Other symbols include yazhi, flowers like lotus and screw pine, and geometric patterns. At Karpagam, we infuse temple designs and motifs in our latest gold jewellery designs to create unique and one-of-a-kind ornaments.

Traditional Gold Jewellery Collections

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan means pure gold and refers to a traditional form of jewellery making wherein 24k gold strips are cut, coiled, and shaped to be set in a mould-like framework to encase gold, glass, or gemstones. This is a highly intricate craft, involving a lot of skilled labour. Every piece of kundan jewellery is hand-finished and includes hours of hard work.

Kundan jewellery is one of the oldest jewellery crafts in India and is patronized by Rajput and Mughal kings. An important aspect of kundan jewellery is the meenakari work, i.e., filling the engraved patterns with natural colours and jadayi or setting precious, semi-precious and rare stones in the jewellery. The latter is an intricate task as it involves setting the stone by inserting a gold foil between the stones and the mount. Crafting a kundan necklace could take weeks and even months, depending on the intricacy of the design.

Polki Jewellery

Polki jewellery is often confused with kundan because of its similarity in design. But polki is made using uncut diamonds in their natural state while kundan jewellery uses glass stones set in pure gold. Also, polka jewellery is more expensive compared to kundan. Since the diamonds are uncut and unpolished they’re difficult to set, making them exquisite and are even passed on as heirlooms.

Polki jewellery was first patronized in the Mughal courts, adorned by the queens and kings who loved uncut diamonds.

Jali Jewellery

Jali refers to a latticed screen and is an ornamental pattern constructed using calligraphy and geometry. The technique is not only used in jewellery but is an integral aspect of Indian architecture as well. It was used in monuments, mausoleums, and traditional homes, especially in Mughal-inspired architecture.

Jali jewellery is a very intricate art requiring meticulous attention to detail. The ornaments are characterized by their delicate perforations in metal, thereby creating stunning patterns.

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