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Why To Invest in Antique Jewellery Sets

Why To Invest in Antique Jewellery Sets

Antique Jewellery Sets in Coimbatore

Antique jewellery not only looks fascinating but is timeless in its appeal as well. In fact, a bridal look feels incomplete without antique statement pieces that accentuate the overall appeal. The designs are traditionally inspired by elements around the jeweller’s life, including temples, nature, mythological characters, and geometric patterns. If you plan to buy gold, here are a few reasons to invest in antique jewellery sets in Coimbatore.

It’s Like Investing in A Piece of Art

Every piece of antique jewellery you own has a story to tell. As earlier said, antique jewels are inspired by elements around us. This includes nature, geometric shapes, divine elements, mythological creatures, etc. These elements are commonly found in temples, clothes, traditional art and architecture, and even cookware. Just as you would invest in art pieces, investing in antique jewellery helps you preserve a culture and its aspects. Investing in antique jewellery lets you explain to your children’s elements like yazhi, yanai, kuthirai, iruthalai pakshi, chakram, etc. Each of these motifs has a different significance. For instance, the iruthalai pakshi or two-headed eagle is a part of the garuda-dhvaja and used as an emblem of victory. It was even an insignia in the Wodeyar family of Mysore. Similarly, kizhi or parrot is associated with Kamadeva, the God of Love.

Antique Bridal Jewellery Set

They Are Intricately Carved

Antique jewellery is intricately carved by master jewellers who have been doing it for generations. Unlike machine-made jewellery, antique ornaments are handcrafted and hand finished. Finding such highly skilled artisans who can create bespoke pieces for patrons is impossible. As one of the best gold jewellery shops in Coimbatore, we work with traditional goldsmiths trained in the art of hand-crafting temple jewellery. This helps us create unique masterpieces, especially for our customers. Each piece of jewellery is created exclusively for you and it is almost impossible to replicate given the intricate work involved in making them.

It’s A Great Style Statement

In a world that goes for mass-produced accessories, bespoke antique jewellery pieces help you stand apart from the crowd. You can wear them as a single piece or make these ornaments a part of your bridal gold ornament sets. Antique ornaments look elegant and classy especially when worn with traditional sarees like Kanjivaram or Pochampally. Our extensive range of antique jewellery set in gold allows you to customise your look with unique pieces that no one else will be wearing.

But don’t let people fool you into thinking that antique and vintage jewellery are the same. The latter is old jewellery pre-owned by someone. But antique jewellery is created with inspiration from things from a bygone era. If you are looking for antique bridal jewellery set in and around Coimbatore, visit Karpagam Jewellers.

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