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Five Ornaments in Your Bridal Collection

Five Ornaments in Your Bridal Collection

Bridal Collection

Glittering gold jewellery, bright Kanjeevaram sarees, clusters of jasmine flowers, and traditional marundhani designs are essential elements of a South Indian bride. But what makes her unique is the bride’s wedding jewelry collection, jewellryy one of her prized possessions. Some of these ornaments have been part of a bridal trousseau for centuries and even passed on as heirlooms. But you could also include trendy bridal gold chain designs in your collection. Here are a few ornaments to include in your collection


Thailaisamaan refers to head ornaments worn by the bride. The naethi chutti or maang tikka is an essential element of every bridal jewellery. Besides its ornamental value, it is believed to protect the bride from evil eyes and negative energy. Unlike the North Indian maang tikka, the naethi chutti is a chain with a pendant and a hook on the other end that holds the chutti to the hair. The pendant can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

There’s also an elaborate version of a multi-layered that covers the entire head. Different communities have different netri chuttis. For instance, brides of the Gounder community wear a flat netri pattai on the forehead while Iyer brides wear a netri chutti that rests on the forehead along with one of the hair partings.

Along with the netri chutti are the Surya pirai and Chandra pirai, symbolising the sun and moon respectively. The jadanagam is a gold head ornament used over the braid.


An Indian bridal look is incomplete without bangles. They’re symbolic of a married Indian woman and represent health, good luck, and prosperity. Some communities forbid married women from serving their husbands food without wearing a bangle. They’re also a sign of fertility and auspiciousness.

Besides gold, women wear different coloured bangles. For instance, green signifies good luck, red signifies energy, and yellow signifies happiness. Gold is especially important for weddings as it represents good fortune.

As with netri chutti, different communities wear different types of bangles. For instance, Maharashtrian women wear patyla as part of their bridal jewellery along with green bangles. In South India temple jewellery-inspired bangles are a sought-after design. At the #1 jewellery shop in Coimbatore, we have a huge collection of bangles, inspired by traditional temple jewellery designs.

Bridal Gold Necklace Designs


Vanki or armlets are inverted u-shaped armbands with an ornate design in the centre. Armlets have been worn for centuries and symbolise courage and valour. In a bridal collection, the vanki symbolizes strength and power. These armlets look best when teamed with short-sleeved blouses.


This piece of jewellery sets a bride apart from everyone. This is a gold waistbelt that enhances the overall appearance of the saree and can be as simple or intricately designed as possible, depending on the bride’s overall style. They’re more than decorative pieces and represent tradition and prosperity.


Besides bridal gold chain designs layered neckpieces are an essential element of bridal jewellery. Depending on the length of the jewellery and the design, there are different names for these ornaments. For instance, necklaces close to the neck are called attiyal. The kaasu malai or Laxmi haaram is often the last. In between these are different haarams of different lengths, including the manga malai or mango-shaped necklace, pearl necklaces, and mullai mottu malai.

Besides the above, gold earrings, nose rings, etc., are an essential element of bridal jewellery. Visit us if you are shopping for bridal gold necklace designs or bridal gold chain designs in Coimbatore.

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