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Gold is considered a precious metal worldwide, and Indian men and women are no exception. From ancient times, Indian men and women have adorned gold ornaments with pride. They are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity, and they are also worn to display sophistication and grace.

Antique gold harams exude divine beauty, and each has a unique story to tell. Our master artisans carefully create the intricate designs of these temple-inspired antique harams. Precious stones like ruby coral and sapphires are placed into the harams to express the timeless beauty of Indian culture. Our vast collection of gold harams includes antique Lakshmi kasu haram, antique Lakshmi pearl haram, antique Radha Krishna stone haram, gold ruby stone Perumal haram, Peacock antique jewellery haram, traditional Radha Krishna haram sets, unique stone gold haram and more.

Explore our mesmerising traditional gold haram collection that can be worn as a single statement piece or as a layer along with other ornaments. Traditional fanatics favour our extraordinary antique pieces. Karpagam Jewellers in Coimbatore offers the best gold haram designs that match your style and budget.

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